International Day of the African Youth/Childhood  


IDAY Uganda supports needy and vulnerable children - mostly from war-torn areas and families affected by HIV/AIDS, and with the support of local and International partners, we have placed over 300 vulnerable children in school.

Children of Nalinya during Art and craft lesson

Despite the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program in Uganda, there are still many children who do not go to school due to lack of scholastic materials. Two schools - Nalinya Bright Future pre and primary school and Bethel Primary School - have been established to improve on the quality of education provided to children living in slum areas in the city.

IDAY Uganda provides some materials to a few children and we hope to extend this much needed support to more children across more districts in Uganda.

For opportunities to sponsor a child or make a contribution to IDAY Uganda, please contact us.

Community Development

Little or no sources of income, low productivity, and lack of access to low-interest credit is what defines the majority of the communities in Uganda. To respond to this situation, IDAY Uganda designs and coordinates sustainable community programs aimed at improving household incomes among women and other vulnerable groups of people.

Community Development


Our Vision

We envision every vulnerable child and young person in Uganda attaining a quality basic education under a sustainable health environment.

Our mission

Is to bring together Organizations and Educational institutions in Uganda for purposes of planning, coordinating and implementing programs and projects aimed to promote education and dignity of the African child.