International Day of the African Youth/Childhood  


Annual General Assembly 2011

IDAY Uganda was privileged to host the Annual General Assembly for IDAY coalitions both in Europe and Africa in the year 2011. During the meeting many issues were discussed among which is : IDAY being a network; and this implies: A group of organisations carrying a common project based on shared ideas and goals, pooling of resources, collective thinking etc.

Annual General Assembly 2011

Another issue talked about was IDAY'S core business being Advocacy. Advocacy consists of a constructive dialogue between the civil society and the authorities. IDAY promotes advocacy in form of a network.

During the meeting there also was reviewing and voting on the motion for action on cases of children displaced due to wars.This was presented by IDAY Burundi and was seconded by delegates. Experiences were shared between IDAY Uganda and IDA Togo.

Key management principles of IDAY were also talked about during the meeting. Emphasis was placed on the need to work hard in order to achieve excellency in their actions and proceedings. Excellency can be declined in several forms which include;

  • Transparency, accountability
  • Quality communication
  • Integrity


Forum on “Education of minors deprived of Liberty in Africa 2011”

The right to education for all is enshrined in the convention on the rights of the child. In reality however, too many children are unable to exercise this right. It is the case of children deprived of liberty in Africa; a group of minors who are widely deprived of access to instruction and training. Africa counts numbers of numbers of scattered initiatives aiming at bridging the gap and providing minimum assistance to these detained minors.

Forum on “Education of minors deprived of liberty in Africa 2011”

Yet they are far from matching all the needs, poorly coordinated and insufficiently documented. Dispersion and lack of visibility are not conducive to a real commitment of public community and civil society to achieve rights of children and youngster who are deprived of their liberty including their right to quality education.

Therefore, IDAY in collaboration with Defense of Children International organized a conference on the “Education of minors deprived of liberty in Africa”. The Forum aimed at fostering concertation among African Civil Society Organisations and the setting out of a campaign to improve educational opportunities for children deprived of liberty.  

During the Forum on Education of minors deprived of Liberty in Africa 2011

Commemorating the International Day of the African Child 2011

IDAY Uganda joined the rest of the world to commemorate the Day of the African child 2011 which falls on 16th June. In remmberance of the tragic incident that happened on 16th June 1976 when an unknown number, but probably higher than a few hundred of young South Africans in Soweto were massacred by the apartheid army while they peacefully demonstrated to attain their civil rights which included access to quality Education.

In the same vein, we exceptionally recognize two Guinean boys, Yaguine and Fode who were found dead in the landing gear of Sabena airplane returning from a flight from Conakry. With them was a desperate and disturbing message reminding us that the education conditions in Sub-Sahara Africa remained unacceptable due to its poor quality.  The message read “Help us, we are suffering terribly……………………”

Prior to the D-day, IDAY Uganda organizes different activities which are run during the child awareness week.

Hosting Regional Coordinator

IDAY Uganda was privileged to host the regional coordinator. During her stay, she visited some of the projects both on going and those which are not yet funded and at the same time carried out more needs assessments about the mapped schools which are in dilapidated structures. In addition to that, she also briefed committee members about advocacy and how it can be carried.

Hosting IDAY Kenya members

IDAY Uganda hosted a team from IDAY Kenya . During their stay, the two coalitions that is IDAY Uganda and IDAY Kenya members visited National Agricultural Research Centre –Mpowa branch basically to share experience concerning the growing of Artemisia annua and it’s uses. The two were also able to share ideas concerning the funded projects especially water tanks and sanitary towels projects…

Below are members of IDAY Kenya members during their stay when they were hosted by IDAY Uganda in the year 2011.

Kenyan Delegates


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Our Vision

We envision every vulnerable child and young person in Uganda attaining a quality basic education under a sustainable health environment.

Our mission

Is to bring together Organizations and Educational institutions in Uganda for purposes of planning, coordinating and implementing programs and projects aimed to promote education and dignity of the African child.